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Social mall shopping mall launch promotion

Do you need a social community-based shopping mall solution such as Today's House and Style Share? Build a differentiated shopping mall with a social mall solution.

Social mall is created as an integrated form of two solutions, social community and shopping mall.


Social shopping mall(Social community + shopping mall)

Project Name : PETSTAR

Social malls such as Facebook and Instagram
Added shopping mall function to powerful social community function
It is a social shopping mall solution developed by Avansoft.

Social mall solution likes, tags, comments, etc.
As a powerful feature of social networks that users can interact with,
Gather users, share content, and expose products. The continuous activity of users increases the number of impressions of shopping mall products, stimulating the purchasing power of customers.

Social Mall's social community solution is a licensed solution. It can be applied to various fields by converging with various services.

Social Community(SNS)

  • Location information

    SNS + Location information Form a relational community and maximize store visits by utilizing location information

  • work sharing

    SNS + work sharing Establishing a natural collaboration environment through social networking and sharing

  • University
  • Association
  • Organization
  • In-house Community
  • Local Tourism app

By converging existing services with SNS + shopping malls,
If you want to expand the value, please feel free to contact us. Consultation : 02-977-0770