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Avansoft is full of vitality, fun, and diverse people We grow together through hardships and difficulties, happiness and joy. Hear the stories of the Aban people who find joy in finding and making things that make them happy.


2019 ICT Award Korea (ICT K-AWARDS) Award News


Hello, this is Avansoft.

This year, the 2019 ICT Awards Korea (ICT K-AWARDS) was held at the Samjung Hotel.

Our Avansoft also brought the news of the award.



Since the awards ceremony starts at 3:00, I ate lunch and worked for a bit before heading over to the Samjung Hotel.

It was held at Adonis Hall on the 1st floor of Samjung Hotel.


A total of 3 awards were awarded at this ceremony.

Among them, it won the grand prize in the mobile service category.
Right away, Kyobo Bookstore Bora SNS won the grand prize!



Last year, all employees participated, but this year, due to circumstances, only 4 people attended.
As expected, many agencies gathered




Hello, this is Avansoft.

Urban people who become awkward when the camera is pointed at them



But when we play together, we play well hahaha





It's an awards ceremony with a beer toast, wine and a delicious dinner.




Avansoft won three awards at the 2019 ICT Awards Korea (ICT K-AWARDS)

First, I received a UI/UX design silver certificate and a trophy for the renewal of Audi Korea Taean Motors.




Second, Sports Toto, online marketing gold medal!




Thirdly, the grand prize in the mobile service sector!!

Kyobo Book Center's SNS VORA won the grand prize in the mobile service category
I received an award for representation and it was great to be part of this wonderful project.
2019 has been a year of hard work! We will continue to be Avansoft, which will show more wonderful results with our customers.
You can check out the portfolio of award-winning works in the project.

It was the site of the 2019 ICT Awards Korea (ICT K-AWARDS) Thank you :)