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Avansoft is full of vitality, fun, and diverse people We grow together through hardships and difficulties, happiness and joy. Hear the stories of the Aban people who find joy in finding and making things that make them happy.


2019 Q1 Project Order Status


A new partner in 2019 to walk with Avansoft


01. Reorganization of Harim Co., Ltd. homepage

Expresses the brand identity of Harim Co., Ltd., which represents the domestic broiler industry.

Meet the new homepage of Harim Co., Ltd. with quality design composition as a strategic basis for homepage reorganization that expresses its status as a global company.



02. Halla GLS homepage reorganization

Change of name to Halla GLS and stepping up to run a new business

As the first step toward the success of Halla GLS and the success of Korea's largest logistics complex, we look forward to Halla GLS growing internally and externally by establishing a communication channel with users through a homepage reorganization that is consistent with Halla, the parent company.



03. Establishment of Postopia Bizmall system

PC&MOBILE e-publishing distribution platform in line with the trend of the times

We look forward to launching new services through the establishment of Postopia ‘Bizmall’, laying the groundwork for entering the e-publishing market, and increasing sales and securing customers through profit generation.



04. Establishment of Keysian corporate website

Optimized corporate homepage for corporate promotion and information delivery

It effectively communicates various business areas led by Keyscience, such as aerospace, high-tech culture, and software, and communicates with users through
We look forward to the development of the company.



05. Eastern Networks company website, business solution reorganization

Homepage reorganization and business solution reorganization considering convenience

Considering the reorganization of the website with a trendy design, the convenience of practitioners, and the efficiency of work, an accurate list of work contents, a concise reporting system,
Reorganized business solution to check report contents with high efficiency and visibility